Meat from peas

Meat substitutes beyond breaded vegetables
KNOWLEDGE AND PRACTICE IN FOOD SAFETY PROCESSES – a case study on Hungarian school catering

“Meat” from peas?!

Meat substitutes beyond breaded vegetables    Part II.

Essentially, the main principle of meat replacement consists in the use of vegetable protein in order to ensure rentability and anappropriate nutrient source. Meat analogues produced from textured plant-based proteins are functional, because owing to their high protein content they can be consumed as supplementary basic ingredients for foods or directly as meat substitutes, too. The most frequently used basic materials for production of meat analogues are soy protein and wheat gluten, however, the use of them is questionable due to their high allergen content. Thus, in the future they may be replaced by plants of high protein content by which freedom from allergens can be ensured, as e.g. pea protein.

The pea protein will be gained from dried peas. Nutrient content of dried peas for 100 g is: 352 kcal, 38.2 g carbohydrate, 23.8 g protein, 1,2 g fat. It is a very good source of arginine and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), fibres, iron and calcium. Although it is poor in sulphur-containing amino acids (methionine, cysteine), it is rich in lysine. Thus, it can be perfectly combined with cereals, by which a complete protein source gained as a result. Peas do not belong to the main allergens thus, it is a perfect choice forpeoplewith food allergy, and if we intend to keepallergen-free, we can combine it with rice.

At the development kitchen of SoReCa Ltd – member of the Food Control group – plant-based meats are produced. For these products several plants have been used in order to reach harmonic taste.

To reach the perfect texture, binding materials are to be used. For their complete solution, adhesion and forming a meat-like consistence, several heat treatment technological steps are needed, which will be carried out by industrial machines. If the adequate consistence has been reached, colouring agents will be applied to make the product’s appearance resembling to its animal-based counterpart. The basic materials we use come exclusively from reliable GMO-free source, and are 100% natural plant-based ingredients, which will be added in predetermined concentrations. One of the exterior characteristics is the form of the product which will be influenced by the end-use and the consumers’ demands (minced meat, slice of meat).