Use of CREAVEG plant-based meat substitutes

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Meat analogues are available in several forms, e.g. minced “meat”, “meat” slice, sausage, “cold meat”, nuggets, hash (croquettes), hamburger cakes, etc. Form and substance of the product are determined by the aim: what kind of meal we intend to make of it. They can be purchased also in the form of semi-ready and ready-made products.  Their applicability is at least as varied as their counterparts of animal origin. Further use of the semi-ready products is up to the consumer’s creativity, since they can be handled in the very same way as animal meats. They can be breaded, minced, fried in plenty of oil, grilled, even stuffed.

Handling meat analogues presented by the instance of minced meat


For the preparation of ragout Bolognese, it isadvisableto choose “CREAVEG Minced” minced pea proteinfor easy handling since it is an excellentingredient for meals containing minced meat and sauce.

Its preparation slightly differs from making ragout Bolognese from animal meat. In this case the first step is the same, onion will be fried in oil until it isglassy, then carrot, celery diced in small cubes will be added and fried. This will be followed by adding the tomato sauce, then the vegetable broth in the amount needed. It will be seasoned according to taste and (to the finished sauce will be added) the CreaVeg Minced “minced meat” basic product made of pea protein will be added to the finished sauce.

Our plant-based “meat” is as soft as the original meats with an additional positive characteristic that it will not lose in its weight. As a result, the same Bolognese will be gained regarding its taste, substance and appearance as if it hadbeen prepared from meat of animal origin.