Huge amount of hygiene tests in Food Control Laboratory

Special mealrequirements in public catering

Research operator preparing samples in petri dishes in laboratory

In recent weeks orders have multiplied related to surface microbiology test in Food Control Testing and Research Laboratory.

The applied rapid microbiological method is capable to test whether the disinfection were effective or further activity must be implemented to guarantee the workers’ safety.

The medium and large enterprises make not only their canteens and food contact surfaces tested, but ask for testing all places (bureaus, locker rooms, common places), for controlling the appropriate hygiene practice. With the spread of coronavirus, the households and enterprises pay more attention to the hygienic status of themselves and their environment. The only way to fight against coronavirus and similar pathogens are the prevention.

The Food Control Group calls the attention of their partners that besides of hygiene testing with rapid microbiological methods, the right hygiene practice of the workers is also important. The hygiene of our work environment is not only up to the cleaning staff, workers must be involved in development of hygiene culture. The role regular trainings, and education seems to be inevitable in evolving the right hygiene culture in offices.