The role of research chefs in product development

KNOWLEDGE AND PRACTICE IN FOOD SAFETY PROCESSES – a case study on Hungarian school catering
Use of CREAVEG plant-based meat substitutes


The research chef is different from the everyday cook since he not only knows those processes which result in consumable meals with highest consumer value, but also searches what happens to the foods during the processes of the technology aimed at meal preparation. To this, it is indispensable that the chefs know all about the chemical reactions on molecular level, and have the knowledge how basic materials, additives and ingredients react upon the different technological procedures. By means of these technologies, new meals and more simple technological sequences can be generated, furthermore, catering systems can be made more sustainable.

Being the members of the Food Control Group, research chefs Ferenc Wágner and Sándor Simon at the research kitchen of Soreca Ltd. are engaged in producing meat products and meat analogues as well, by using more and more natural components and more and more simple technologies. More and more people are dealing with the more health-conscious way of living, more and more consumers are seeking foods and meals made from natural components, more and more people choose the vegan lifestyle, respectively. The master chefs produce such convenience products which meet these expectations.