Food Control group at “Researchers’ Night”

Conference on management in Gödöllő

Challenges of public catering and restaurant hospitality: changing consumer’s requirements, food allergies, food safety, vegetable protein-based “meat substitute” products, reducing food wastes

Continuously changing nutrition demands, globalizing food industry, increasing food consumption and at the same time protein shortage set continuous challenges for partakers of both the scientific world and the economic life. Our group participated in the event of “Researchers’ Night” of 2019 jointly with Szent István University – Department of Business Administration and Management and endeavoured to approach this highly interesting topics by presentations as follows.

Investigation of consumer’s preference in public catering

(Presentation and workshop: Dr. András Bittsánszky, Dr. Bálint Csaba Illés)

Reducing food wastes in public catering

(Presentation and workshop: AndrásTóth, Dr. Anna Dunay)

Food safety aspects of dietetics in children’s catering

(Presentation and workshop: Anikó Kovács, Dr. Anna Dunay)

Future of vegetable protein-based meat analogues

(Presentation and workshop: Anikó Kovács, Dr. Bálint Csaba Illés)

Tasting vegetable protein-based meat analogues with the cooperation of Sándor Simon and Ferenc Wágner master chefs and Alexandra Tóth food safety and quality engineer.