Food Control Group plans to enter the Western European market: we displayed our CREAVEG products in London

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At the Food Matters Live 2019 expo held in London, AnikóKovács participated representing InDeRe Non-profit Ltd, which enterprise is member of the Food Control Group. Ten Hungarian teams participating in the large-scale event presented their developments for previously selected potential partners at business and technical meetings; these meetings were organized by the London office of the Startup Campus. AnikóKovácsdelivered a presentation on the development at Food Control Group, on the CREAVEG meat analogue products.

In the frame of the three-day event at the Food Matters Live and at the Takeaway Expo, significant mission was given to the presentation, possible reduction and elimination of the negative effects caused by the climate change. One of the expos’ slogan was: “Sustainable food futures”.Majority of the exhibitors campaigned for this aim with their products, this campaign dealt with packaging materials and plant-based foods, too. Several presentations were given among others on vegetable proteins, struggle against climate change, role of sustainability in the food chain, plastic-free world, etc. The vegan lifestyle and nutrition as well as environmental-friendly packaging had a prominent role.

The participants also visited the Hungarian Embassy, where they had the possibility to have breakfast together with the regional manager of London of the InterContinental hotel chain. The manager talked about the experiences of the past years. As he told, nowadays the guests decide for a hotel not only owing to the excellent quality and elegance, but sustainability emerged as a new criterium for choice. Several questions are put them saying: “OK, this is one of the best and most famous hotels, but what are you doing for the environment?” Reacting upon the consumers’ demand, they minimized the use of plastic products (e.g. mini shampoo, shower bath), they introduced the MeatFree Monday and the Veganuary, since more and more guests require plant-based meals, too. He added, they offer vegan and vegetarian options for every meal, since today it is no longer an extra, but abasic condition of the board at a hotel, as isalso handling food allergies.

Participation in the exhibitions was supported by Startup Campus, travel and presentation was made possible by HEPA – Hungarian Export Promotion Agency.

Thanks for the possibilities!