Food Control group at “Researchers’ Night”

Challenges of public catering and restaurant hospitality: changing consumer’s requirements, food allergies, food safety, vegetable protein-based “meat substitute” products, reducing food wastes Continuously changing nutrition demands, […]

#REDUCEFOODWASTE – “Rescuable Foods” conference in Budapest

In the frame of the international program STREFOWA (Strategies to Reduce and Manage Food Waste in Central Europe), a conference was held in Budapest, September 2019 […]

Food Control Laboratory started its operation

FOOD CONTROL Food-Inspector and Research Laboratory – established in order to develop rapid microbiological investigations – started operating. The new research and service providing unit is […]

Meat from peas

“Meat” from peas?! Meat substitutes beyond breaded vegetables    Part II. Essentially, the main principle of meat replacement consists in the use of vegetable protein in order […]

Conference on management in Gödöllő

The 9th International Conference on Management was held at Szent István University, in Gödöllő on 13-14 June2019. We registered to the conference with two presentations. AnikóKovács […]

Meat substitutes beyond breaded vegetables

The era of vegetables fried in breadcrumbs as meat substitutes is over, since the use of new meat substitutes opens new vistas to vegetarians and vegans, […]

Food allergy vs. food intolerance

Side effects – adverse and deleterious to health – of foods are caused by food allergies and food intolerances. Food intolerance is a reproducible side effect […]

Using meat substitutes for reducing meat consumption

The key to combat climate change might be the reduction of meat consumption, since meat production implies overstrain of natural resources and thereby significantly contributes to […]

Development of ready-made products for the catering industry with the support of a microbiological control system

The aim of our project is to develop ready-made products for the catering industry, i.e. products for direct consumption of high value-added premium quality. In the […]