CREAVEG VEGANFOOD product development

Besides CREAVEG Veganmeat basic products, the SoReCa Ltd. has developed CREAVEG Veganfood product family, where semi-finished convenience products have been integrated. In the near future, pea […]

Licensing CREAVEG Veganmeat food manufactory

Creaveg Veganmeat food manufactory has received operating license from Government Office of Pest County. The new food manufactory has been developed in a separate wing at […]

The Food Control Laboratory continues its work as an accredited laboratory.

The Food Control Laboratory continues its work as an accredited laboratory. The National Accreditation Authority accredited the Food Control Testing and Research Laboratory and assigned the […]

Food Control Management System

The Food Control Food Safety and Quality Management System give a complex and integrated solution for HORECA sector players to control their food hygiene processes. Besides […]

Huge amount of hygiene tests in Food Control Laboratory

In recent weeks orders have multiplied related to surface microbiology test in Food Control Testing and Research Laboratory. The applied rapid microbiological method is capable to […]

Special mealrequirements in public catering

Food allergies and intolerances Nowadays “free” meals are more and more fashionable. The reason for this is that more and more people are allergic and/or sensitive […]

Food Control Group plans to enter the Western European market: we displayed our CREAVEG products in London

At the Food Matters Live 2019 expo held in London, AnikóKovács participated representing InDeRe Non-profit Ltd, which enterprise is member of the Food Control Group. Ten […]

Use of CREAVEG plant-based meat substitutes

Meat analogues are available in several forms, e.g. minced “meat”, “meat” slice, sausage, “cold meat”, nuggets, hash (croquettes), hamburger cakes, etc. Form and substance of the […]

Introducing meat analogues to school catering: an instant hit?

On Santa’s day 265 pupils tried meat-free spaghetti Bolognese, made entirely from pea protein instead of meat. Although some restaurants are already offering similar meals, due […]